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"Fate loves the fearless." - James Russell Lowell

Travel through foreign countries in order to absorb local customs, belief systems, languages, and ideas for the purpose of sharing these riches with Americans back home.

We started our expedition in Lisbon, Portugal on January 1st, 2008 and will travel over three continents to finish in Beijing on August 8th, 2008.
We will maintain individual blogs and post pictures and stories on the internet throughout the duration of our trip so all can share in our progress.
We will make detailed observations using photography, and written media to compose a memoir of our journey.

Travel through foreign countries as positive representatives of America in order to challenge the commonly held misconceptions and negative stereotypes of American Society.

We will be working with grassroots organizations in various countries to meet local people.
We will partner with development organizations in order to provide service to those in need.
We will effectively communicate the goodwill of the American people to those we encounter by being culturally sensitive, open minded, friendly, polite, and generous.

Assist local youth communities through direct service projects.

We will work with grassroots organizations in order to participate in local development and integration projects.
We will use our past development experience to identify community needs and help where appropriate.
We will use donated funds to facilitate youth development/education projects.


This is the method to our madness:

We have established partners for our peace projects in the countries along our route.  Some of our planned projects include cultural exchange, English education, environmental education, health education, and sports activities. The actual activity or event will be organized by the local organization and the community that we are visiting. We’ll stay in the community for up to a week, learning and documenting everything we can. During our stay with these host communities we'll take every opportunity to be positive representatives of America to show that the typical American is not the person they see in the movies or on the news. Likewise, we'll be documenting and learning their ways to the best of our ability in order to show Americans who foreign people really are - we'll highlight our cultural differences and similarities in a book, which will attempt to destroy negatively generated stereotypes that brew fear through misunderstandings.